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 White mesh, red and blue taping* with black handles.

The function is to air. Whether it's a wetsuit, dive gear ,sailing ropes or hiking boots. Air is good. Don't seal in the damp.  

An answer for the swim-gear? Big enough for the towel and togs with a neat swivel to clip onto your backpack or gear bag. It;ll be dry by the time you get home. Obviously great for any of the watersports or sports full stop. Air those trainers!

A middle size between our original Mesh Grab Bag and the Mini meshie - with the same easy to grab handles.  

34cm L x 20cm W x 14cm H

 Made from quality mesh and off-cuts of coloured dacron spinnaker tapes. 

 Remember, let it breathe!

* Due to the nature of recycled products some tapes are sewn in a different order or with a different thread colour.