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Regatta 42 Duffel Black/Pink***

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 Modern sails are among the strongest and yet lightest textiles in the world. Carbon filaments and yarns carefully orientated like a steel spiderweb reinforcing the sail membrane. Whether it is an America's Cup 75 or a Superyacht - performance is everything.  

 What better way to upcycle this material than to create a sailcloth tube shell and cap it with 1000D Oxford Nylon ends. A 42 litre gear bag measuring 60cm long with a 30cm diameter. A zip pocket at one end and a tough mesh slip pocket at the other. This is our medium gear bag. 

Lined internally with a white polyester, we try to find a matching colour for the pocket liner, and we only use quality chunky YKK zips. Tough 50mm sailmaker webbing handles have a velcro cuff grip. Includes a detachable 50mm adjustable shoulder strap. 

Average weight is 900gms plus a 150 gram shoulder strap.

 As always these sails have been manhandled by a bunch of sailors so although we do our best to chop the worst out there are going to be little reminders of the previous life. We only wash away the salt.