Lefthand Large Fire Hose pouch with belt

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And for the lefthanders - Never forget where you left it! Use it as a single pouch or add extra pouches.  

The 140mm flat fire hose is a perfect size for the garden fork or trowel. Such an amazing material that is literally engineered for this product.... save the leather (whether you are vegan or not) and feel good to use recycled fire hose.  How many house fires has your garden tool belt put out?

 Pop your tool in the pouch, pour some boiling water over it and it will cool to form the shape.

A generous 25mm webbing belt with an adjustable side release clip. And a smart brass eyelet to drain. Spray the tools before you put them away - fire hose doesn't mind. 

Overall size is 33cm tall by 14cm wide. 

 Belts available in green, brown and black. Also a limited supply of lefties!

 Obviously Fire hose has had a tough life so remember that there are scuffs and dings. So would you if you were manhandled by a bunch of firefighters....