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Reef Diamond Zipped Tote 595***

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The zip top tote. Zip it shut and keep the provisions safe.

The reef "diamonds" are a series of eyelets used to gather and secure the lower mainsail when sail is reduced (or "reefed") when the wind increases. Diamond comes from this traditional shape. Funnily, modern adhesive reef points are adhesive and round - but are still called reef diamonds. 

 A white dacron sail with blue trim and white polyester lining.  Featuring sailmaker webbing handles, dacron tape trim and an internal slip pocket. We only use the best YKK marine zip. 

39cm H x 33cm W x 15cm D

Handcrafted from retired sails and made in Taupaki, West Auckland - you don't get more NZ made than that.

As always these sails have been manhandled by a bunch of yachties so although we do our best to chop the worst out there are going to be little reminders of the previous life. We only wash away the salt.