Scout Crest Pod

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The Scout pod.  The shell is made from a Scout cutter mainsail. Featuring the crest logo in the middle of this symetrical red/white sail pattern and AC letters from the Achilles group.  You don't need to be a scout to appreciate the design, fit for a King or Queen... Prince or Princess maybe. Custom sailmaker detailing includes eyelets and rope lashings around the base to add to the theme. Under a tree, pergola or in the lounge.

 Throw some cushions in and relax. There is nothing quite like the gentle movement of a pod, not unlike the motion of the ocean....  For adults the ideal height for attachment is 2.4 - 2.7m but you can drop it down lower for kids to climb into. Perfect for some quiet time with a book or device. 

 A 1.5m diametre aluminium ring forms the base. The 13oz base fabric is from a  keel-boat 13oz storm sail and has a drain hole. The webbing loop handle helps with getting in and out, or you can hitch/velcro it up out of the way.  

Supplied with a 4 piece aluminium ring and a 10mm stainless steel shackle. Folds down to a 120cm x 40cm x 15cm package. Does not include rope. 

 Wrinkles and creases will smooth with a sailor aboard. Obviously this is a used sail with little reminders of it's previous life. We only select sections that will meet our 90kg safe working load. This is intended as a single person seat. Like any sail fabric, sunlight is the enemy so take it down when you're not using it. Treat this product like any fabric seat or hammock and it will last many years.