Handcrafted. Recycled. Unique

Inspired by sailing styles and re-purposing the most interesting materials. Yotti is in Auckland NZ, The City of Sails, and you are buying directly from the creator. Small batches of bags and accessories are made from materials sourced locally. From donated sails to factory remnants we use what the "pantry" provides.

  • Waterworld

    Imagine a dystopian world where resources are scarce and you're searching for a material that'll carry your precious provisions. Sailcloth would be your perfect answer. /collections/zip-top-totes

  • The unique gift

    Like a fingerprint no two bags are the same. Whether it's a zig zag seam or a fold we don't pretend that its not a real sail. We're just giving it a second wind. Sail away with me honey...

  • Catching the wind

    Our bags are made from beautiful sails. Some have travelled the world to epic destinations, either drifting along on a zephyr in the tropics or powerfully punching through heavy seas. They're manhandled by adventurous sailors but carefully stowed at the end of each voyage.