Fire Hose Garden Pouch Combo

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Fire hose repurposed for the gardener. How many house fires has your garden tool belt put out?

A large and small pouch set with a Khaki webbing belt. Ready to fight fire with fire... in the garden.  

The 140mm flat fire hose is a perfect size for the garden fork or trowel. The smaller 110mm hose is a better fit for a pair of secateurs or a phone. Such an amazing material that is practically engineered for this product.... save the leather (whether you are vegan or not) and feel good to use recycled fire hose. 

A generous 25mm webbing belt with an adjustable side release clip. And a smart brass eyelet to drain. Spray the tools before you put them away - fire hose doesn't mind. 

 All combo sets are plain without text printed on the hose. This product is righthand only so look at our other listings for a limited supply of lefties!

 Obviously Fire hose has had a tough life so remember that there are scuffs and dings. So would you if you were manhandled by a bunch of firefighters....